Who are we:

“Novimed” Ltd. is registered according to the Bulgarian Trade Law in 2001.

The company develops rapidly and imposes itself as a leader in the area of medical devices, equipment and services for medical institutions. Based on its professional organization, strong business development programs, innovative products and strong national positions, “Novimed” Ltd. has quickly developed to one of the biggest medical distributors on the Bulgarian market in these areas. The firm has all necessary licenses to perform its activity.

The owners of the company are Mr. Rumen Petkov, MD and Mr. Todor Petkov

Rumen Petkov, MD is a physician with more than 15 years of experience in one of the most professional Bulgarian Hospitals – “St. Ekaterina”. Furthermore he has a lot of years of business experience in the medical market in Bulgaria.

He is the person who invent and made a promotion of the White Book.
The main idea of this book is to provide solutions and to involve many of new regulations to improve Bulgarian Health Care system. The White book is based on a many years of experience of D-r Rumen Petkov in Bulgarian Health Care system and also in a commercial area.

Todor Petkov is an economist with more than 4 years of experience in Bulgarian Bank system.
He was a member of financial department in one of the biggest Bank in Bulgaria.

Having experience in scientific and commercial fields they established, develop and impose a very successful Company by highly professional and innovating way of leading.

“Novimed” Ltd. is specialized in delivery of medical devices and other products for cardiology and invasive cardiology, radiology, surgery, pharmacology and radio pharmacology. One of the specific company activities includes the implementation in Bulgaria of highly innovative medical know-how at state-of-the-art level. We aim to offer to the Bulgarian healthcare market the newest products and innovative medical technologies from all over the world.

Our Employees:

The “Novimed” Ltd. staff consists of high-qualified professionals, specialists in the area of Corporate Management, Economics, Medicine, Engineering science etc.

The company continuously invests in staff qualification improvement, product and application knowledge updating in the field of medicine, as well as selling skills trainings and product specialized courses.

Sectors of specialization:
Our company aims the position of the so called “one-stop shop”, which is a global business tendency. This position gives a lot of economic benefits for the clients. Our main specialization is in the fields of:
Interventional Cardiology
Cardiovascular and thoracic surgery
Medical supplies and devices

Our customers are your quality guarantee!

Some of the biggest public customers in Bulgaria:

• The Ministry of Health (MOH)
• Specialized Hospital St. Ekaterina, Sofia (specialized in cardio-vascular diseases)
• National Center of Cardio-Vascular Diseases, town of Sofia
• Multiprofile Hospital Aleksandrovska, Sofia (Medical University – The biggest Sofia Hospital)
• University Hospital Lozenetz, Sofia (ex. Governmental Hospital)
• Military Medical Academy, Sofia
• Specialized Hospital Acad. Ivan. Penchev, Sofia (Endocrinology and Gerontology hospital)
• Multiprofile Hospital Tzaritza Joanna, Sofia
• Multiprofile Hospital St. Anna, Sofia (Sofia county Hospital)
• Medical University, Pleven
• Multiprofile Hospital St. Georgi, Plovdiv (Medical University Hospital of Plovdiv)
• Multiprofile Hospital St. Marina, Varna (Medical University Hospital of Varna)
• Multiprofile Hospital Blagoevgrad, Blagoevrad City (Regional Hospital)
• Multiprofile Hospital – Stara Zagora (Medical University Hospital of Stara Zagora)
and other governmental and municipal hospitals.

Some of the biggest private customers in Bulgaria:

• Multiprofile Hospital Tokuda, Sofia
• OB/GYN Hospital Selena, Plovdiv
• OB/GYN Hospital, St. Lazar, Sofia & Skopie, Macedonia
• Multiprofile Hospital St. Virgin Maria, Bourgas
• Cardio center Pontica, Bourgas
• Multiprofile Hospital Higia, Pazardjik
• Multiprofile St. Ivan Rilski Hospital, Stara Zagora
• Surgery Hospital Malinov, Sofia and other private hospitals.

Specialized Events Participation:

”Novimed” Ltd. regularly presents its products every year at the largest specialized medical exhibition in the country – “BULMEDICA”, as well as at more than 15 specialized national exhibitions.

The company organizes at least 3 symposiums per year and introduces to the medical market in Bulgaria 2 to 5 high-tech products. Our representatives attend all international congresses in the scope of our main activity.


Why entering in Bulgarian market with us guarantees you success:

The broad range of innovative products, strong market positions and good business relations ease and give strong start for newly launched medical products.
Strong business and personal relationships with the Ministry of Health; National Health Insurance Fund, the hospital’s board of directors and the Bulgarian Drug Agency give us the opportunity for stronger and competitive market position.
Professional well trained and efficiently structured sales team allows the quick and successful realization of the sales strategy.
Well established network of business and facility partners among the whole country is a guarantee for the success of our projects.
Long-term business experience and traditions in the sales organization and the launching of new medical products.
The company organized and took part in many clinical trials and research projects in different fields, which gives it additional strong positions, good relations with medical institutions and the Government and competitive image.
The company has initiated medical projects with national and worldwide importance, such as medical researchers, symposiums, programs for national medical support and development, and the like.